Hawk (merhawk) wrote,

You gotta be kidding me

Look, Amazon sellers, I know that the book is from 1999 so that there's really no "new" option. Buyer beware, and all that, if I buy using the "new" option.

However, if you list as "new", I expect it to be in pristine shape, not with permanent marker writing on the inside front cover. My client wants to give this book as a gift. This is unacceptable.

*bangs head on desk a few times*

The other Amazon seller that I bought a "very good" quality book from, sent me one that looked awesome - except for the fact that the cover was completely separated from the rest of the book. That's not "very good" quality, that's just good. At best.

*bangs head on desk a few more times*
Tags: amazon, books, work, wtf

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