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Dear Ginny Thomas, - Hawk's Eyrie
It's all about releasing your inner sociopath
Dear Ginny Thomas,
Dear Ginny Thomas,

When one states ...extending an olive branch to her after all these years..., it's usually because the person extending the branch did something that needed apologizing for. You extend the "olive branch" to Anita Hill by leaving her a voicemail that said:

...I would love you to consider an apology sometime and some full explanation of why you did what you did with my husband...

That's not an olive branch. That's a demand for an apology, from someone who firmly believes the other party lied.

Except... there's no evidence she did lie. I can understand the bit about believing your husband over some outside woman, but really Ginny Thomas - get a clue. If Clarence Thomas really did harass Anita Hill, and he got away with lying about it in the Senate Confirmation Hearing, why do you think he's going to suddenly announce the truth to you?

Either Anita Hill is lying and she has too much invested to stop, or your husband is lying and he has way too much invested to stop.

Either way, this isn't an olive branch. This is an angry wife lashing out at the woman she perceives as having hurt her husband, some 19 years after the fact. Alternatively, it could be a polished conservative politics player trying to make some kind of point right before the mid-term elections. Whichever this is, it's not about Anita at all. It's about you.

Grow up.

No Respect,


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neonhummingbird From: neonhummingbird Date: October 20th, 2010 06:32 pm (UTC) (Permanent Entry Link)
Yes. That. What you said.

I, personally, think Ginny Thomas simple lost her mind for a few minutes, but if indeed she in making some kind of weird political point... well, she still needs to grow up. And preferably shut up, on other people's voicemail, at least. :P
lbmango From: lbmango Date: October 20th, 2010 06:44 pm (UTC) (Permanent Entry Link)
Well said!

The timing of this really confuses me. This is the sort of thing (either ACTUALLY extending an olive branch, or demanding an apology, or, extending an olive branch by being willing to accept an apology that had been offered earlier, but you refused to accept (which is NOT the case here)) happens either soon after the initial event, right after some significant, life changing event (going into rehab, starting on a 12 step program, almost dieing in a car accident) or when someone is near death. None of these seem to be the case here.

I'm also confused about the phrasing: "... what you did WITH my husband" (emphasis mine) I would expect her to say "what you did TO my husband" It almost sounds like she's demanding an apology for having an affair with her husband, which I'm pretty sure didn't happen, and no one thinks happened...

so, yeah, a big HUH? from me.
merhawk From: merhawk Date: October 20th, 2010 06:48 pm (UTC) (Permanent Entry Link)
I was commenting elsewhere, that another angle could be that Ginny Thomas now has evidence of other harassment or cheating from Clarence Thomas, and is clinging to the hopes that Anita Hill can give her an explanation of why she lied. Because if Anita Hill lied, the other woman is lying, right?

Or it might not have to do anything with that. But whatever this is about, it's all about Ginny Thomas. When it really isn't.
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