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There's no need to emulate - Hawk's Eyrie
It's all about releasing your inner sociopath
There's no need to emulate
Just because the Big Book of Bad Art had horrible renditions of Nynaeve, Lan, Rand, etc does NOT mean that Dynamite needs to emulate it with the comic series. I know it must be difficult to get good artists to work with Chuck Dixon, but even so - Jordan's early work should be enough to get around that problem.

The proportions aren't quite as bad as some of Sweet's covers, but they're still pretty bad. And the lack of attention to detail - please double-check your colorists, people!

In a scene where Egwene is in purple, Nynaeve in blue, and Nynaeve's arm reaching towards Rand - why is it we have her arm encased in purple? Really?


I really should know better than to expect decent art from WoT products.

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