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Exhausted - Hawk's Eyrie
It's all about releasing your inner sociopath
I'm exhausted since con. I'd say I had con crud, but I think the more likely culprit is the assistant being out two days & BF being in Shanghai, so I'm not sleeping well.

I keep forgetting my notepad from 'con in various places, so nothing from that yet. Though I'm pretty sure most of what I wrote down has been talked about elsewhere (Who's the next Man without Fear? Is it...). In case none of you heard, though, Matt Fraction has AWESOME panels. He had us laughing the entire time, and then he & Bill Hader were riffing off each other after the slide presentation. And JMS did a live reading of Wonder Woman # 601. Made me almost want to pick up the book; I still think I'll wait until this storyline is in trade, though. I think I'll want it as a book versus individual issues.

I am ashamed of myself for forgetting to go to the Phelps counterprotest on Thursday. It's not as if I had a one-time only panel to use as (potentially more valid) excuse - I just completely forgot. It hadn't gotten on my schedule, and the schedule at SDCC is God.

I was going through the pictures I took, and some of my favorites are down below. They're not necessarily my favorites because they're my favorite character (I got a Confessor picture! But it's awful!) but because the shots resonate with me for one reason or another.

Yanna and Ring
I gave Yanna and Gene extra Green Lantern rings I had on Preview Night.

I just love the excited look on her face when she was looking at the ring. She's really gotten her geek on since starting to come to SDCC for work.

Blue Marvel
As usual, he does an awesome job with his costuming. What I like most about this pic is the iconic pose, which looks even better with a neutral background.

That smirk just says it all.

Dark Phoenix
Dark Phoenix is just hanging out, relaxing, in between eating planets. It's the juxtaposition of the lack of morality of the character, with the laid-back attitude of the cos-player.

Darkseid Choking Supermen
This because the three of them were having so. much. fun. getting this shot right. It was a contagious attitude.

Squirrel Girl and Black Cat
It's the smiles on their faces. And the awesome costume for Squirrel Girl. I mean really - Squirrel Girl??!

Green Arrow
I love the irony of the background.

Robin, Nightwing, Batman
A) It's a great shot of Nightwing. Mmmm.... Nightwing.
B) I like how it's all of them together, seemingly relaxed.

Kirk & Uhura
I love the iconicness of this pose.

And now I'm off to watch some TV. Maybe I'll start the Dresden Files DVD's I picked up.

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