Hawk (merhawk) wrote,

Scry and Die

Take 1 Ancient Red Dragon and 4 16th level adventurers. Let the Dragon have the advantage of surprise - hasted, invisible, buffed up - and our adventurers just barely escape.

Then our adventurers decided to call in their allies for some help - 1 epic level paladin, 1 epic level priest, and 1 nigh-on epic level ranger - buff themselves up with resist energy, massive save bonuses, AC bonuses, some awesome to hit bonuses for us fighters, and then scry on this dragon who's wants to "get us, my[sic] pretties".

1 Greater Teleport Later, 1 Surprise Round, and 1 Round of having the initiative on all the baddies? The Ancient dragon died before it could do a thing, a victim of my sneak attacks, the rangers Ambush, the Paladin's Smite Evil, and our straight up fighter's powerful attacks. The hell hounds and fire giant are contained behind a blade barrier - along with the evil gnome we hadn't seen at first.

And we still haven't been touched.

*buffs nails* I'm sure BF will find a way to screw us over next time.
Tags: bf's game, d&d, roleplaying


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