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Odds 'n Ends - Hawk's Eyrie — LiveJournal
It's all about releasing your inner sociopath
Odds 'n Ends
Found Mama's Bakery on the web, and gave it a whirl for their challah. Mmmmm... goodbye Whole Foods & Esther's Bakery - make room for some actual challah on the block! It's pareve, so it's missing some of the buttery goodness. But it's still the best I've had out here.

Took some East Coast friends out to Giovanni's NY Pizza last night & had a blast. Jill's always complaining that she can never find good NY style pizza out here, but she managed last night! And, like any good Italian-American, she went & spoke with one of the owners, found out the history of where his family's from, explained where she was from, and learned almost everything there was to know! He was agreeing with her that it's the water out here that makes them unable to make *true* NY style pizza. But it's pretty damn good, and that's coming from me who doesn't like pizza that much.

I've been doing more Yelping recently. I'm going by the basic adage that if I'm using the service, I should give back something. I've been mostly liking it; however, this whole "Yelp Elite" thing boggles me. "Elite" status is something you're supposed to strive for; it claims that you're a trendsetter and you know what all the hot & new stuff out there is.

*snort* The Elite's I've seen have mostly been either poor writers, braggerts, self-effacing by doing things such as calling themselves whores, bitches, etc, bullies, and/or just completely full of themselves. I'm not sure why I would want to compete to be part of such an Elite group - especially as I'd need to put up a picture of myself & use my legal name to be so blessed.

Yeah. No thanks.

Now off to start working on a beading commission. I've got to figure out how to put together the focal piece. Hopefully this will jump start my creativity & I'll start doing more with it.

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