Hawk (merhawk) wrote,

Brad, Brad, Brad

You know, when Matt Fraction does the little boxes doing a minor introduction to the characters each issue, it's mostly interesting (though sometimes incomprehensible). When you do it, Brad Meltzer, it just feels like you're cheating and pulling in other people's ideas.

Please stop. I know you can write, even if your books start to read the same after a time.

Though I will admit to my geek moment when I realized that I know which X-men/Teen Titans crossover you were referring to, still recall the tiny comic shop at Inner Harbor (in Baltimore) where I got it, and am now thinking I might have to dig it out for a re-read.

Even so! You're you, Matt Fraction is him. Stop imitating or homaging or whatever you want to call it.
Tags: brad meltzer, buffy, comics, dark horse comics, dc comics, marvel comics, matt fraction, teen titans, x-men

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