Hawk (merhawk) wrote,

Working DSL and phone line!

After the stupid-ass phone support guy from last night, I had low hopes for the AT&T tech coming out today. He called me before he got to the house, asked if one of us could come home just in case he had to get in[1], and said he'd noticed a lot of static when he called our house number first and asked how long that'd be going on. And then he checked the outside box and found that our wires weren't properly tied down. So every time a train went by, they moved. Hence the randomness of everything going up and down.

In other words, he was awesome, and everything I wish the phone support guy could have been last night. Instead, phone guy was awful & ground support was awesome. Note to self: I need to see if there's a place to give feedback for the tech support & give today's tech a resounding thumbs up.

[1]BF could. I work too far away.
Tags: at&t, internet, magical halogen fairies, phone, tech support

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