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Yes, Virgina, you can fully heal from surgery

I was changing water bottles in the kitchen when I had a discussion with a co-worker, who's had surgeries in the past.

Co: *gives me weird look as I lift the big bottle from the ground to the table*
Hk: "What? I can't do this because it's "heavy"?" *as I rip off the top and turn it over onto the water cooler*
Co: "I'm just surprised you're risking it with your shoulder."
Hk: "My shoulder's fully healed."
Co: "I just wouldn't risk hurting it again."
Hk: "My shoulder's not like your knees. It can fully heal."

And this, readers, is why people don't fully heal from injuries. Do your Physical Therapy, do your strengthening exercises, get your range of motion back, and then go ahead and use the previously injured muscle/bone.

If you always coddle it, you will NEVER have full use back. If you make sure it's healed and strengthened, and then continue to use it (while continuing to strengthen it) you will have full use back.

Seriously. Any time I've heard from someone who's not fully healed from an ankle injury, shoulder injury, broken bone, etc I've asked them did they do their PT & strengthening. Invariably the answer is no, and that explains why I have no problems recovering and they do.
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