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Comic stores and changing guards - Hawk's Eyrie
It's all about releasing your inner sociopath
Comic stores and changing guards
My store, R&K, got bought out by Comic Collector Shop back in May sometime. The switchover's been okay, but ever since they've been using the CCS system to pull books, there hasn't been a week without something on my pull list being messed up. And they no longer do Related Title pulls, which is one of the reasons I went with R&K back in the day.

I just went searching for online reviews for CCS & was not impressed with the ones I saw. On the whole, they reinforced my "enh" feeling for the new guys. They're nice enough; but that's it. And my guy's now stuck in the back working on the online end of the business. Plus, the comments about the owner, and my own impression from meeting him, just proved to me that mhnicholson's interaction with him a few years ago was not a one-off.

I hope they get some customer service clues from my guys that they retained soon or I'll be searching for a new comic store after over a decade of going here.

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