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How activist? - Hawk's Eyrie
It's all about releasing your inner sociopath
How activist?
I've been struggling since last Tuesday's California Supreme Court decision that left Proposition 8 stand.

I am disgusted by the fact that we have enshrined discrimination in our state constitution. However, I know that this will be overturned within 5-10 years. California's demographic trends are not in Prop 8's favor, thank Elath. In addition, I'm happy that our Supreme Court did such a narrow ruling. They made it quite clear that they don't agree with Prop 8. Unfortunately, once the court determined that it as an amendment to the constitution rather than a revision the legal answer was inevitable. I respect the fact that they let the straightforwardness of the legal question guide them rather than their emotions, despite my personal feelings on the decision. This needs to be repelled; however, at this point it will be a much more decisive action when it's the voters who do so.

My personal dilemma is how much time and energy I should put into the initiatives that will be put onto the ballot to repeal Prop 8. There's not a question that I will donate money to the initiatives, and that I will sign them[1].

What I'm struggling with is donating my time to helping get the signatures for the initiatives to be on the ballot, plus canvassing afterward and/or going to rallies. That type of door-to-door, lots of people, work drains my energy very low. As much as I want to participate, I don't want to leave myself that drained. Except I'm not sure I'll be happy with myself if I don't.

There is one type of activism that I know I can and will do. When I spoke of this with one of my LGBT coworkers, she asked me - and other non-LGBT friends - to do the one type of activism that she and her LGBT friends can't. Whenever the subject against gay marriage/rights come up, speak up as a straight ally. Point out that it's discrimination. Point out that domestic partnerships - while a step forward - still stick them in the back of the bus. Point out that her marriage - if she ever gets married - won't change the meaning of anyone else's marriage. The very secular BF & I are married, and no one has ever suggested that we have destroyed the validity of my very religious sister-in-law's marriage. The meaning that comes out of one's marriage is put into the marriage by the participants. Restricting others right to marry will not make your marriage better or worse. If you need a to restrict others to validate your marriage, then you have other issues that have nothing to do with whether or not gays can marry.

[1]Unless they are incredibly poorly written.

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lugonn From: lugonn Date: June 3rd, 2009 05:42 am (UTC) (Permanent Entry Link)
I think speaking out about it to increase awareness is a huge thing. That's the type of thing that will cause long-term change. Going door-to-door for years may help, but I agree that it is draining and I'd be happy if you can even change one person's mind. Thus I think your GLBT co-worker's idea make a lot of sense.
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