Hawk (merhawk) wrote,

Heroes "finale" for the year

So. Many. Superhero. Tropes.
o Running so fast you go backwards in time. At least they didn't use a Cosmic Treadmill.

o Changing the new future takes you to the old one. Despite multiple Earths, the future never seems to change much. So is Nathan Bolivar Trask?

o Easy redemption. Not that I think Daphne was ever much of a villain; they just kept telling us she was so that we could look at her actions and think "Ah, she's redeeming herself!" Very similar to Rogue, but different powers of course.

o Despite being man-made, it was obvious that if you stuck yourself with the formula you'd regain powers you'd lost or lose powers it made you gain.

o That whole scene with Claire and Noah leaving Meredith behind was reminiscent of Phoenix's first death, minus the fact that I don't think Claire was jonesing for biomom.

o The only way Meredith is dead is if the building injured her. She's a fire power; fire really doesn't hurt her.

Next season:
o Brother v.s. Brother. I'd say it's a Scott Summers v.s. Alex Summers, but their rivalry never went as far as Nathan has, IIRC.
Tags: comics, dc comics, heroes, marvel comics, tv

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