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The Castro Brothers - what's that, a new boy band?

Ooooohhhhhh... I get the bipartisanship - it's a rainbow coalition of Republicans! As thespianmobile said, you've got the ecru Republican, and the pasty white Republican and the...

Oh, and Sarah? Your answer about the role of the VP in the Legislative branch? That sounded like the 10th grader who was told to write up a three page essay and turned in exactly three pages, with 18 point font, and a veeerrrry large border.

And, for Elath's sake, for once I'd like the religious right to state straight out why they support the state of Israel. It's not because it's a democracy. It's not because of shared Judeo-Christian values. It's because the rapture can't come without the Jews in charge of the "Holy Land".
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