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San Diego Comic Con 2008 panels

I'm sure those that really care have heard about all of this at Newsarama or CBR; it was just enough for me to get my pictures up over the weekend.

Two highlights of Con: Dan DiDio using my notes at Sunday's DC panel so he'd stop accidentally telling us things he really wasn't supposed to talk about and some random Con staff person giving venkablackfire and I 4 VIP tickets to see the masquerade.

Some panels will have spoilers, some won't. If you don't want to know any comic spoilers for (mostly) DC or Marvel comics don't read. This is everything but 2 panels that I went to on Sunday. I'll post those later.

Believe it or Not panel by Catastrophic Comics

Anyone else remember William Catt as Ralph Hinkley on Greatest American Hero? For those of us that do, he's now the CEO of Catastropic Comics, which will be putting out a comic based on the TV show. There will also be an animated short. It'll be out in November 2008.

The comic will show us the suit used in ways that have never before been done, and Stephen J Cannell will also be putting together a Greatest American Hero feature film.

Marvel X-Men panel on Thursday
There was a huge list of writers, editors, and artists at the panel.

-Marjorie Liu will be writing a sequel to NYX.

Nick Lowe:
-The X-men move to San Francisco in issue #500 of Uncanny X-men.

Craig Kyle:
-The next arc in X-Force will focus on Warpath.

Matt Fraction:
-The X-men will come across a Hellfire Cult and the Sisterhood of Evil Mutants. Not only are the X-men moving to SF, but mutantdom as a whole is moving there. Oh, and Dazzler is coming back.

Daniel Way:
-There'll be a new Deadpool book.

Jason Aaron:
-In Wolverine: Manifest Destiny, Logan will discover he has an ex-girlfriend in SF Chinatown who's now head of the Triad there. Three guesses as to whether this bodes well for Logan, and the first two don't count.

C.B. Cebulski:
-He will be writing the next big event in the X-Universe called X-Infernus.

Magick is back! Well, Darkchilde is back, but we get Illyana!

It is a sequel to Inferno and will be a mini-series. David Finch is doing the covers.

Random Notes from the panel:
-Iceman is a key part to Manifest Destiny mini-series. Mike Carey and ??? Ryan will be setting up an altercation with a major X-villain starts in September. Manifest Destiny will have Umberto Ramos cover.

Oh, and both Spiral and Juggernaut will show up in Manifest Destiny.

-When I commented that I was happy with seeing the Sisterhood of Evil Mutants (because more women in the books!), Matt Fraction explained that there's a mandate from editorial to bring more women into the X-books.

-They (the panel) refused to answer any questions about Apocalypse coming back.

-The art they put up for Matt Fraction is a Greg Land (*gag*) picture of a playing card: White Queen on the top and the bottom looks very like a Maddie/Jean Gray. Fraction did confirm that there are hints being seeded about Jean right now.

-Gambit will be part of X-men Legacy, along with Rogue. And Sinister did put Gambit back together after Poccy screwed with him earlier.

-Slipstream and the Lifeguard might show up in 2009. Uncanny X-men # 504 will deal with the loss of Kitty Pryde. They will also soon fix the Angel/Archangel problem and be "merged" into one character.

-The Starjammers/Emperor Vulcan "problem" will show up during Secret Invasion. Oh, and Sabertooth is dead, dead, DEAD!!!!!

-Juggernaut will also be in a non-X book next year in a major role. Cypher will be in Young X-men # 5, and some of the old New Mutants will be big in Young X-men, some in Uncanny X-men. Karma is specifically in Manifest Destiny # 1.

Wizard's First Rule
Not much to say about this - I feel asleep in the panel. Sam Raimi is directing it and it will be called Legend of the Seeker. So go avoid it.

Mondo Marvel panel on Thursday
Lots of people on the panel.

-Adam: Legend of the Blue Marvel: Written by Kevin Grevioux and art by Mat Broome.

In the late '50's/early '60's there was a black superhero - stronger than Superman, weaker than Thor - that protected the US. He wore a mask, and no one knew his race because back then a strong black male would have scared the main populace of the US, even if he was protecting their dumb asses. During a battle royale, after taking down a difficult villain, his mask got ripped and JFK found out. JFK asked him to stand down, because he was trying to push through civil rights, and he did not want the chance that the scare of a black man that powerful derailing it. So, to serve his country, he stood down.

Cut to a few years later. The Avengers have now assembled. This same villain is back, and they need to find out how to defeat it. So they start to investigate who and what the Blue Marvel was, to learn what to do.

Six issues, starts in November.

And Kevin Grevioux has a great gravely voice.

Random Notes:
-There will be an ongoing Agents of Atlas series.

-C.B. Cebulski is writing a What If?: the Runaways had become the Young Avengers?

-There will be a Punisher: War Zone in December by Garth Ennis. Shows Ma Nuchi(sp?).

-Marvel Illustrated: They're doing Kidnapped with Roy Thomas for story and Mario Tully for art. Also Electric Ant by Philip K Dick will be done by the Illustrated line.

-They wouldn't answer anything about The Sentry or Thor.

-Why is Grevioux using those specific characters for New Warriors? Those are the characters he was told that he'd be allowed to work with.

-There will be more Heros for Hire in the next few issues of The Immortal Iron Fist.

-There *will* be an ongoing Spiderwoman series after Secret Invasion, but they refuse to say who will be under the mask.

DC Nation on Thursday

Again, tons of DC writers/editors/artists there.

-Big Announcement: Kevin Smith is writing for DC Comics again! He'll be writing Batman: Cacophany in Nov/Jan after Batman R.I.P. is over. It'll have major Bat villains, as well as bringing back Onomatopoeia.

Random Notes:

-Indigo Lanterns come into play just before Darkest Night.

-Catwoman is important in both the R.I.P. storyline, and post-R.I.P.

-The new Aquaman is in Final Crisis # 3.

-Ryan Sok will be doing interiors on Final Crisis: Resist. I think it's Greg Rucka writing.

-Final Crisis: Revelation will be written by Greg Rucka and will feature the Question, the Spectre, Batwoman, and a host of other characters. Set in Gotham City. It's very gritty according to Rucka.

-Black Adam will be back with the JSA.

-No plans for a Justice League movie as of this moment.

-Finally, there is a new Zantanna series by Paul Dini.

Marvel Cup O' Joe
Joe Quesada, Reginald Hudlin, Orson Scott Card, C.B. Cebulski, Jim McCann, Eric Shanower, Jeph Loeb were at the panel.

-Card will be allowing Marvel to do an Ender's Game comic.

-Shanower will be doing a Wizard of Oz Marvel Illustrated title. He's worked on a lot of the illustrated Wizard of Oz books.

-Danny Miki and Khoi Pham are now exclusive with Marvel Comics. Paola Rivera renewed.

-Danny Miki will be working on the Darkchilde book with Cebulski.

-Joe Quesada and Marvel are spearheading a charity donation drive in Michael Turner's name. The donations will go to Turner's favorite charities - Make A Wish and American Cancer Society.

-Hulk book; Loeb revealed that in a few months the books will be half Green Hulk/half Red Hulk. Frank Cho will be doing one half and Arthur Adams the other. This is in the Tales to Astonish tradition.

Also, starting with # 4, they will have a Mini Marvel version of the Hulk, written by Loeb's 17 years old daughter. There will be red, green, and "smurfy" Hulks.

-Quesada confirmed that there had been talk of restarting the magical/mystical side of Marvel books again, but there are no definite plans that he revealed.

-Jim McCann unwittingly revealed that Ultimate Dazzler dies, when he got happily distracted by a Dazzler cosplayer.

-BET will be doing a Black Panther animated series. It'll be out in February and will be on Primetime. Hudlin says that it will be "edgy, violent, but true to the books". Unfortunately, it also is staying true to John Romita Jr's art. Blech. Patooie.

-Ultimate Black Panther is in Ultimatum.

-A GeNext sequel has been approved.

DCU: Final Crisis
Too many people there to recount.

Random notes:
-Grant Morrison blames Dan DiDio (EIC of DC Comics) for Final Crisis.

-Greg Rucka says that Final Crisis: Resist is about the losers trying not to die. Desperately. 30 pages long. "Imagine occupied WWII France. Imaging the New Gods as Nazis. Image you're you. Enjoy!"

-Rucka also says that Final Crisis: Revelations is all about payback.

-Brad Meltzer is writing Last Will and Testament: The night before everyone thinks they're going to die. Who goes gets drunk? Who stays with their loved ones? Who doesn't?

-Geoff Johns is writing Rage of the Red Lanterns. It introduces the Red Lanterns, who want to kill Sinestro before the Guardians do.

-Morrison, on why certain events in the DCU are messed up: "As Darkseid fell backwards through time when he dies, as his energy touches everything in the Universe, it brings everything apart and destroys the Universe". This'll be in Final Crisis # 4.

-New Gods will survive Final Crisis.

-The Spear of Destiny does show up, but it is NOT Libra's spear.

-There will be a multiverse at the end of Final Crisis.

-"Sometimes artists just draw White guys"
Grant Morrison, referring to artists who mess up, when asked why sometimes the Darkside Club characters are drawn as White. They're all supposed to be Black according to Morrison.

DCU: It's Your Universe
Too many people to recount, though Gail Simone was there!

Random Notes:
-DC just acquired the rights to the old Archie comics superheroes. JMS will be using them and introducing them in the Brave and the Bold. They will do 2 issues of origins, and then a standalone, back and forth until they're all introduced. After that, then they will go into the rest of the DCU.

-They also acquired the Milestone Comics characters, which will immediately be put into the DCU. Most of the characters will show up in Justice League of America, but Static Shock will show up in Teen Titans!!!!!!

-Mike Grell will do a new The Warlord book. This is a reboot.

-Batman: Battle for the Cowl: This is one of the graphics that they didn't mean to show this weekend. The cover has Nightwing front and center, and then Red Hood and Hush to one side, with Robin and Catwoman to another.

-Wonder Woman # 26 will see the return of the Gods/return of the Amazons/Battle of the Gods! Everything that has been preached for the last 60 years will come about according to Gail.

-Also the Secret Six is back! Gail Simone writing, Nicola Scott on art. It starts with the team in SF and needing to get back to Gotham for a mission with at least half of the DCU after them. There will be a Cat/Bat fight - Catman v.s. Batman.

-Geoforce tries to find vengeance on Deathstroke for killing Terra in Last Will and Testament according to Brad Meltzer.

-Judd Winnick has an upcoming arc that will involve everyone who has ever been a Teen Titan.

-In 2009, DC will focus on strengthening the franchises that their readers are reading.

-PowerGirl will have an ongoing series by Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Palmer (???).

-Black Adam and Isis (or maybe just dealing with what happened to Isis) to be in Justice Society # 23.

-There will be a big Jason Todd story after Batman: R.I.P..

-The Conner Hawke storyline will be wrapped up in issue # 12 of Green Arrow and Black Canary. Winnick is leaving the book as of #14.

-Captain Atom will be back in the Superman books.

Marvel Secret Invasion

Random Notes:
-Secret Invasion # 5 comes out 8/13/08.

-The new creative team for Thunderbolts is Andy Diggle and Roberto De La Torre staring in November with # 126.

-War of Kings: Who Will Rule? It's Vulcan v.s. the Inhumans v.s. the Guardians v.s. the X-men. This will start in August and Vulcan will play a huge rule. There's also a big role near the end of the year for Havok, Polaris, Corvis, and Marvel Girl.

Black Bolt is pissed off, and that's never a good thing.

-We will find out what happens to the replaced heroes during Secret Invasion. Bendis says that they are all still alive.

-Parker Robbins - The Hood - is in the poster that's been going around of evil Marvel characters that has Emma Frost in it.

-Longshot is showing up in X-Factor and Dazzler is showing up in Uncanny X-men.

-The Young Avengers will be around post Secret Invasion.

-New Avengers # 45 will show us the Skrull from House of M.

-Deadpool is on a mission for someone we can't know about.

-Layla Miller will have a one-shot in August, and then she will be back in X-Factor.

-They have plans for the Scarlet Witch, but they won't talk about it yet.

-There is a Punisher Secret Invasion tie-in in October.

The Ultimate Universe Must Die!

Random Notes:
-Ultimate Captain America annual will explain the origins of Ultimate Black Panther.

-Ultimatum starts in November. It'll start in Ultimate Fantastic Four, move to Ultimates... and end in Ultimate X-men.

-Mark Millar is coming back to the Ultimates Universe. If they're going to revision it, they want one of the original architects back to help with that.

-Frank Cho (Blech! Patoie!) is now exclusive to Marvel.

-They will do something with Ultimate Ghost Rider.

-They have plans for Ultimate Deadpool.

-Ultimatum is NOT an Ultimate story of anything that has happened in the Marvel Universe before.

-Ultimate X-Men # 97 will introduce Banshee - and not the drug version, either.

-If you like & buy enough Marvel Apes, Dan Buckley (the publisher) promises a Marvel Apes v.s. Marvel Zombies comic.
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