Hawk (merhawk) wrote,

The Blech Knight

I spent half the movie being interested, half being bored, and a quarter marveling at all the plot holes the Joker could drive his semi through.

I'll start off by saying that Heath Ledger gave a powerful performance. An archetypal Joker, even. And he chewed up the scenes he was in, which he should have. It got boring, quickly, though.

The plot holes, though: How'd Joker get all those explosives into Gotham General? Why, if you don't want to be a murderer, do people not try to fucking disarm the explosives themselves? Why does Batman not share information with the police and just tell them the clowns are the hostages rather than beating up the SWAT team? We audibly hear Marconi's ankles break and he's easily walking around on a cane?

I hate, hate, HATE the dark and brooding Batman[1]. Batman needs light in his life; I always found the best stories had Robin, Nightwing, Batgirl, or (more) Alfred in them. They tried that with Rachel Dawes, but really - she was just the unrequited love interest. She had no reason to be there except the thought of her motivated both Harvey and Batman to be the best they could just to earn her love. She brought little personality to the plot, even when she was about to die. Also, I couldn't stand the gravely voice that they created for the Batman persona. It sounded like he'd eaten granites and had scratched his throat; more annoying that scary.

The best parts in the movie had either Lucius Fox or Alfred in there, bringing some Bruce to Batman. I would have loved to see more Lucius, and am glad that they're playing him to be part of Bruce's support network.

It was bemusing to see the Scarecrow, and given that they were giving bit roles to characters like that, why not use Montoya for the role of "generic female Hispanic detective # 1"? The archetypes of Gotham Central were there. I saw a Montoya, a Bullock, a Crispus Allen if you squinted your eyes and imagined that he'd lost weight. Given that Rucka & Brubaker had already created a rich, detailed, Major Crimes Unit squad, why not use some of them? I went through most of the movie thinking it was Renee Montoya, and was quite disappointed when they named her "Anna Ramirez".

All in all, I wish I'd seen Iron Man for a second time instead.

[1]And Frank Miller, who truly created that archetype for Batman. Guess who won't be seeing Will Eisner's The Spirit?
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