Hawk (merhawk) wrote,

Dear moron in a blue PT Cruiser,

Dear moron in a blue PT Cruiser,

I appreciate the fact that you are somehow broken down on the major thoroughfare of Central & Bernardo, and need to put on your blinkers. However, you should not, under any circumstance, put on your blinkers, leave your car in the right-hand driving lane, and then go away to leave the car by itself. If you can not remain with the car, it should be pushed into the breakdown lane unless you want your car hit. Which I almost did.

With loathing,


Dear CHP 911 line,

Perhaps you need more operators, as every time I've called 911 on my cell phone I've had to wait 5 minutes or more. Perhaps there's a lesson in the fact that I hung up the phone, called 411 for the non-emergency Sunnyvale police department, and got someone in dispatch immediately. Who thanked me for the information, and told me that they'd send it on to Mountain View.

With annoyance,


Dear dumb-ass,

You know Bernardo & Central is in Mountain View. If you're going to call the PD, call the right one!

With mockery,

Tags: humor, letters, police, rant, safety

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