Hawk (merhawk) wrote,

Bones Season Finale

Just finished watching the season finale for Bones.

Back when we saw the lobbyist being killed, I watched & rewatched the scene where the lobbyist was killed. Based on the scant evidence we had (mostly the haircut), I predicted it was going to be Zach over in dawnmipb's journal. I was right.

That doesn't surprise me as a character arc for Zach. He's not very socialized, so it could be easy for someone to push the right buttons and cause him to do something he shouldn't. More importantly, however, his character was superfluous. Temperance is a fully trained forensic anthropologist. Zach is a fully trained forensic anthropologist. He was still being underused as a grad-student assistant type, rather than a fully fledged dr

Also, this show is not big on subtlety. It was fairly obvious to me from the beginning of the show that Booth wasn't really dead. Their attempts to make Sweets the suspect was - for the show - not bad, but rather ham-handed. If it was Law & Order I would have expected a twist. This show - not so much. It's fairly straight-forward.

All in all it was a decent watch, and I quite enjoyed the scene with Booth reading the Green Lantern comic. Yes, I'm a true geek - I wasn't staring at Boreanaz's body in that scene, I was trying to figure out which Lantern was on the cover.[1]

[1]For what it's worth, it looked like a Hal Jordan cover to me. It definitely had the look of an 80's/maybe early 90's comic.
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