Hawk (merhawk) wrote,

Least I seem all doom and gloom

I have been doing some fun things. Last week I had a rush job for cheezstk, who needed a necklace & earring set for a birthday. It took me a while to get a pendant idea in my head; however, once I did it just came flooding out. I wasn't happy with it at first, but now that I can look at it with some distance, I think it came out fairly well.

Here's a full shot of the necklace. I made the chain as well as the pendant. Elath, I'd forgotten what the pricing was for good gold chain.

Here's a closeup of the pendant.

Here's a matching earring set. Didn't realize how blurry the pictures were before passing off the gift to chezstk

This one was difficult. I've had these beads for a while; I picked them up at a trunk show quite a few years ago. I love how the white part of the glass is all crackled, and how it naturally twines together on the necklace. I wasn't sure at first, but the gold seems to set it off all perfectly. Unfortunately for me, this color of green looks horrific on me so I'll be selling this one. I suppose that's fortunate for anyone who wants to buy it.

And here's a closeup of the necklace.
Tags: beading, commissions, pictures

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