Hawk (merhawk) wrote,

Procrastinating away

I should be working on my D&D game. Instead, I'm playing around with Flickr options, trying to figure out the service and decide if that's where I'll move my Scrapbook pictures. I haven't decide what to do about LJ yet - my account doesn't expire until November - but I do want to get a poll out there to see what others are doing. I'm here for my friends. If they're not here, it's not as useful.

Speaking of useful, I have pictures up now at Flickr, so y'all get to see beading pictures! I'd put up San Diego ComicCon pics, but I haven't Photoshopped them yet. I also need to put up my commentary from SD. Hopefully it'll happen within the next 1-2 weeks, not a few months. And, yes, I know that all the news sites already have their stuff up. But I'm way cooler than them, so I'm sure you'll read my stuff anyway, no matter how late I get it up. *g*

I made these amethyst and dragon earrings when I was starting to think about selling some of my stuff. I still haven't put anything on Ebay, but cheezstk decided to buy them, almost sight unseen. I need to make some more of this type. I also made a custom necklace to go with the earrings, but the pictures for that won't go up until at least Saturday, as she gets to take possession before I post pictures of it everywhere.

Amethyst and Garnet EyeChain. This was for me, but others are made and will eventually be put on Ebay. This EyeChain always gets compliments from random strangers.

A closeup of the Amethyst and Garnet EyeChain.

I made these Blue Quartz Earrings to match a necklace. The blue is very subtle, and hard to capture in a photograph. I'll be making more of these.

Kimono bead earring set, eventually for sale. I had leftovers from after making Venka's, and I decided to make one more set.

Kimono bead gift set for Venka. The chain, earrings, and necklace pendant were all made by me.

These are a teapot earring & necklace set made as a gift for the_mad_fangirl. Both the pendants and the chain were all made by me.

Tourmaline EyeChain. Mmmm... tourmaline. I like it almost as much as flourite.

Tourmaline EyeChain Closeup.
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