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Who needs oxygen? - Hawk's Eyrie
It's all about releasing your inner sociopath
Who needs oxygen?
BF and I certainly didn't, as we went to Rocky Mountain National Park for a three-day hiking fest. Mmmm... nothing better than hiking at 10,000 feet while it's 80º F out.

We did three hikes: the first day we did 8 miles and about 1,200 ft, the second was about 6 miles and just under 1,000 ft, and the third day was 7 miles and a 300 ft ascent. I would have enjoyed the hikes more if my foot hadn't started acting up during each of them. Each day I was a stupid bint going "Yes, I know it hurts now, but it'll warm up" and... let's just say the last day was a test of my willpower to not just sit down and make BF figure out a way to get the car down the trail. All in all, though, I'm very happy we went and I can look back at the hikes and enjoy them. I am under BF's "orders" to not do anything strenuous over the next few days as we're going to Canada on Friday for 5 more days of hiking at Jasper & Banff National Parks.

Elath, I'm just a glutton for punishment. At least it's fun punishment.

In other news, I've gotten a few more spontaneous compliments of my amethyst and garnet eye holders. I've got two made for sale, and will probably make at least 1-2 more as at least one of them is already taken. I also made some silver & amethyst dragon earrings for sale. I need to get two more pictures taken for posting, and then I'll probably start trying to do some sales on Ebay when we get back from Canada. kitarra has graciously demanded that she clean my pictures up for me, as she's not impressed with my mad photoshop skillz. Hmph.

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some_other_dave From: some_other_dave Date: June 27th, 2007 01:41 am (UTC) (Permanent Entry Link)
BF's "orders"... BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

PS- 10K feet is a bitch if you're not acclimated! Drove from sea-level to 10K, then went for a walk. Yikes, my pulse spiked from anything harder than a slow relaxed walk!
merhawk From: merhawk Date: June 29th, 2007 06:07 am (UTC) (Permanent Entry Link)
BF wanted me to point out that I actually listened to him. I want to point out that our observations were both independent, and came to the same conclusions as to what I needed to do to keep myself in good health.

Yeah, don't walk at 10K without acclimation. Your entire body will be kicked like a bitch. We acclimated overnight and it was still difficult for us!
rysmiel From: rysmiel Date: June 27th, 2007 02:18 am (UTC) (Permanent Entry Link)
Elath, I'm just a glutton for punishment. At least it's fun punishment.

You may wish to note this as evidence that I can resist a straight line any time I want.
merhawk From: merhawk Date: June 29th, 2007 06:06 am (UTC) (Permanent Entry Link)
Damn it. Where's the fun in that?!?
4 talons or Rake your talons?