Hawk (merhawk) wrote,

First bead commission

Two Sunday's ago I was at the REI picking something up, when the woman behind me in line asked where I had found my eye glass holder. After telling her that I make them, she asked where she could buy some. After confessing that I just made them for myself and as gifts, but I'd considered starting to sell them, she chided me for not already selling them.

To make a long story short, I met up with her again this Sunday and sold her the Tourmaline eye glass holder that I made a while ago. She also loved my amethyst and garnet one (Why do I not have a picture of that up?!? Note to self - take and post pictures, idiot.), as well as the amethyst and tiger's eye necklace that I showed her (note: ibid). She's probably going to buy those when she gets back from her trip to Greece.

I think I should probably make a bunch of the garnet & amethyst eye pieces and maybe start seeing how they go on Ebay. I get tons of compliments from random strangers (including one on a hiking trail in the backcountry of Death Valley!!) for that design.

I don't know if I'll really start moving ahead with selling, but I think I will try. It's always a kick when people compliment me on my work, most of the time. Some compliments (like from cheezstk) are great, because I get the impression that they just like the items and it gives me confidence in my work. Other compliments have felt more... sleazy... and made me feel like they're saying that they like it because they want me to give the item to them or nudge me into custom-making something for them. Something the people who know me should realize by now is that if I feel you're just expecting me to give you something, I won't. I make & give things if I feel like it, not because it's expected. I don't know if the people really were expecting me to do that or not, but it left behind a nasty after-taste and always annoys me whenever I think of the "compliments" from them.
Tags: beading, pictures

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