April 21st, 2016

Red Shoulder

Too delicious

A few weeks ago I wanted to make hamantaschen as a dessert when friends were over around Purim, but realized that I a) didn't have the milk necessary for my recipe and b) didn't have time to chill the dough and make the cookies before they arrived.

I really wanted to use both my almond paste and my cherry filling that evening (Solo brand FTW!), and so started plotting what else I could do.

Of course, that meant I made up another baking recipe. I made this utterly delicious cherry almond dessert. It was supposed to be somewhat like a brownie in consistency, but it came out more like a cake bar.

I decided to try it again tonight, to make sure that the previous time wasn't a fluke. It felt weird making a chametz filled dessert the day before Pesach, but I'm secular. Unless we go and visit my parents (which we almost did), the most I'd do is make some Pesach matzoh rolls.

Anyway, it wasn't a fluke. It is still utterly delicious, and dangerous to my waistline. I'm not used to having the urge to just eat the dough rather than going through the hassle of baking it. The fact that I'm making this for other people is probably the only thing that kept me from eating most of the dough.

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