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First world pain solutions - Hawk's Eyrie
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First world pain solutions
My foot is killing me today[1], and it needs hot water therapy. It's already scoffed at the painkillers I have short of my narcotics, which I can't take this early in the day as I also need to get work done[2]. If we weren't in the worst drought ever[3], I'd run a bath and soak my foot there while working on my computer. However, we have a hot tub at our complex. Since it always has hot water in it, one of my water saving tips is to use it anytime I want a soaker bath. So now I'm hanging out at the hot tub, on my MiFi, with my computer propped up at the edge of the pool. I even brought out a plastic bucket to prop it on, so I don't need to worry about it getting wet.

#First world pain solutions

[1]One of the issues with my back involves a random foot and/or hand occasionally hurting as if I broke them for no reason other than my body hates me. I hate these days so very much.
[2]Aka job searching and HoA board stuff that's due tomorrow.
[3]For the last 500 years, I heard at one point.

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